Places to visit in Manali

Places to visit in Manali to make your trip memorable!

The list of places to visit in Manali can be endless to justify its high ranges of mountains & misty weather which you definitely can’t miss out on your trip.

Places to visit in Manali!

1. The hub of mountain adventure, Solang Valley

This valley is located 14km above Manali and it falls in the bypass road to Rohtang Pass Valley. Well, many people love to do some adventure activities like Paragliding, Snowboarding, Quad-biking, Skiing, Zorbing, Cable-Car Ropeway & many others.

Even if you are not an adventure geek, the ambience, the snow-capped mountains and the whole excitement of the tourists out there, make this one of the must-visit place in Manali.

snow covered solang valley in manali

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2. The gem of Manali, Rohtang Pass valley

IRohtang Pass is the next place to visit in Manali for all your travellers gang. It is located at a distance of 51km above Manali & also a attractive pride for Himachal Pradesh. As pleasing as it sounds, this place is equally glamorous and dangerous due to its steep roads and landslides during heavy rainfall season.

So, if you too have a fear of missing out the best, then make sure to add this destination at the top in your list of sightseeing or trekking plans are anytime the best! Bikers love to visit Rohtang Pass for which they need to apply for the special pass which is free of cost for bikers.
Source- Check Rohtang Pass Permit

(Note- Rohtang Pass remains closed for tourists from Manali every Tuesday)

people enjoying in the snow of rohtang pass

3. The divine Himalayan spring, Manikaran:

Despite of the chilling temperature, Manali has a lot of hot spring spots and Manikaran is one of those. Situated amidst the beauty of mountains, the famous Gurudwara is absolutely divine and pristine in term of its spiritual ambience, scenic beauty, location and of course whole positive aura you receive from the devotees out there.
Taking hot water bath in the springs of Manikaran is a good sign of respect towards the culture & also treated as the cure of skin diseases.

gurudwara look from bridge of manikaran

On the way, you can enjoy sightseeing of Kasol & also if time allows, you can make a visit to short trek near Kasol Bridge.

river view of kasol valley

4. Escape from the city hustle, Malana

If your purpose to visit the mountains is to find some peace and solace away from the hustle of city life, then the village of Malana is a perfect choice for you. Infused with cultural and spiritual preaching, this place is perfect for people looking for some spiritual guidance and peace lovers in general. There are some famous temples out there to visit.

5. Manali Club House, the adventure retreat:

If you are travelling with your kids or you are a geek for various primary adventurous sports, then the Club House located in the beds of Old Manali is definitely a perfect pick for you. This place is filled with indoor and outdoor games, various sources of entertainment and overall a perfect place to spend time for the kids .

6. Divine of Cedar forest, Hadimba Temple::

outer view of hadimba devi temple

Surrounded by the snow-capped mountains, amidst the alluring Cedar forest lies the temple is dedicated for Goddess Hadimba Devi, the wife of Bhima and mother of Ghatotkhach. The location and the construction of the temple are unique on its own apart from its spiritual beliefs which makes it to the list. Hadimba Devi Temple story
Wooden structures and doorways, cone-shaped roofs along with the idol being carved in the stone are something to be admired about this temple. We know this place as by the name "Shaan of Manali".

7. Meadows of the green, Marhi:

If it happens for you to visit Manali during winters or before May, chances are there you may not be able to see the Rohtang pass due to its adverse climatic conditions. In that case, your best option as a place to visit in Manali would be Marhi, covered with snow-peaked mountains and lush green meadows.

The government allow travellers to travel up to Marhi instead of Rohtang pass which is also well known for its activities and halting spot while visiting up to Rohtang Pass to grab some food and relaxation.

8. Vashisht Hot Water Springs & Temple

Vashisht Temple is located about 3kms from the main Manali mall road in the small area known as Vashisht Village. The temple is built by Guru of Lord Ram & Laxman. The temple also has two water Kunds i.e. one for males & other for females. Commonly this is the 1st day place to visit in Manali in your itinerary.

Timings: Temple- 7am to 9pm, Bath- 7am to 1pm & 2pm to 9pm for all days.

9. Manali Mall Road

The most attractive place to visit in Manali is its Mall road where you will get each & every category of item to shopping. Having extra fun here with the famous sweets & desert at the corner shops at mall road will make you enlighten.

lightning of manali mall road

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Other places to keep an eye on would be manu temple, gadhan thekchhokling gompa, Jogini Waterfall, great himalayan national park, van vihar and other beautiful places in Old Manali.

What’s your next Mountainous Adventure pick?

You can’t keep yourself away from those alluring adventure trips that Manali has to offer. Whether you like high risks or low, heights are your favourite or you are a water baby, Manali has some life experience for you. Here is a list of adventurous places to visit in Manali which few must-try ones:

1. Paragliding: Feel the height and nature like a once in your lucky life. Paragliding has been one of the most wanted adventure experiences in Manali. This can be done both in Solang Valley and Marhi.

2. River Rafting: The gush of BEAS RIVER has to keep your heart at bay. So, if you are a water baby, then across the river is just for you! One can try this out at Pirdi or Jhiri.

3. Rock climbing: If conquering the mountains is something that you love, then rock climbing in Manali is something you cannot keep your hands aside from! This is available in many spots but Beas Kund and Manali Peak are one of the popular picks.

4. Snow Skiing: If swooshing down the snow is your dream scene then snow skiing is something you have your eye on! Travelling down the snow ranges is extremely thrilling and a whole gush of Adeline rush. One can try this out at Solang Valley, Marhi and of course in Rohtang.

5. Hiking: If exploring the scenic beauty of the mountain is something you would like to keep as a lifetime experience then Hiking is surely your pick. There are various routes available to hike and the prices vary according to the season and route you are choosing.

Some other adventure picks would be Mountain biking, River crossing, cable car ropeway, Jeep Safari and the list goes endless!

The famous Treks of the mountain passes nearby Manali:

Travelling to Manali can be a tool for your passion to conquer heights. If trekking is the reason you travel up to these beautiful snow-capped valleys then here is a list of some famous trek plans you might try your hands out::

·      Beas Kund Trek, the sketch view of Manali (3 days)

·      Rohtang pass Trek, the haunting beauty (depends)

·      Hampta pass Trek, the wildflower beauty (5 days)

·      Kheerganga Trek, the serene spiritual divine (2 days)

·      Pin Parvati Trek, visiting the divine in glaciers (11 days)

·      Bhrigu Lake Trek, Essence of the pristine water (3-4 days)

These were some of the most popular trek plans in Manali which you must try on if you are a trek geek. The prices for these vary according to the seasons and the number of days the trek team plans for.

The budget breakdown to plan the remembering tour to Manali

1. Hotels: Hotels in mall road can be costly, so it is advised to make the stay at least 2-3km away from it if you want to save. Backpackers can stay in hostels as well. There are villas available amidst these pristine mountains in case you are travelling in a group or with family.

Suggestion for Hotels:-

Premium- Daffodil Cottages, Manali (Rangri Village 2km from Mall Road)

luxury cottages in manali

(INR2500 per night with bf & dinner)

Best Choice- Author's Favourite

Luxury- Snow Peak Retreat & Cottages (Infront of Hidimba Devi Temple)

(INR3500 per night with bf & dinner)

2. Food and shopping: The authentic food of Manali is something you must try your hands on. Mall road has all the food requirements you are looking for. In case this place is being costly for your budget, you can always look out for shops behind the mall road lane. All your shopping demands can be found in the shops of mall road from which you can buy clothes and other tokens to carry back home.

3. Bike rentals: If you are a solo traveller or travelling partners, bike rentals are something which can save you a lot of money along with the in-hand experience of the magnificent beauty you are receiving. In Manali, there is a biker’s point where all sorts of bikes can be rented ranges starting from 800rs onwards.

Royal Enfield Himalayan (Best Choice- Author's Favourite)

4. Travel sharing cars: If you are travelling to Rohtang Pass then sharing cabs are advisable. But make sure to make the booking at least a day before or else you may not get one.

5. Cafes: surrounded by these explicit mountain ranges, Manali is well known for its authentic famous cafes such as Drifter’s café, Rasta café, Café 1947 and if you want to enjoy the full mountain view while enjoying your brew then Casa Bella Vista you should try out!

Manali has many more to offer to all its travellers. In the bed of snow valleys, this beautiful place can give you enriching memories to cherish a lifetime momento.

Glimpse into the pristine land of adventure and mountains of Manali

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Located amidst the bed of several mountain valleys, surrounded by some of the most magical views of serenity, Manali is a perfect escape for all your travel desires. Whether you are travelling solo or with your life-partner, family or maybe as a backpacker, if you dream to get engulfed in the beauty of mountains or plan your perfect trekking trip with soulmates, Manali has something to offer exclusively for you!

This land of snow-capped mountains is located in the district of Kullu and is a trip of 540km from the Capital city, Delhi. This place is well known for its adventure sports, magnificent sightseeing spots and aesthetic cafes all of which are surrounded by the surreal views of the mountains all time. Along with its breath-taking locations, this place is travel friendly and the trips to this place can be made in a budget-friendly manner which makes it one of the top travelling destinations for all the wanderlusts in India and the foreign travellers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Manali

1. How much does a package cost for Manali?

For a comfy exciting trip it costs INR 7,000 per person. Package can be customized as per the budget with Hotel accommodations & transfers.

2. How i plan my itinerary to Manali?

Take a look at our Manali Volvo Tour Package
-Day1- For Manali Local Sightseeing
After reaching Manali in morning, head to your pre-booked Hotel & feel some relaxation. After mid-afternoon start your journey to the various sightseeings of Manali like Hadimba Devi Temple, Tibetan Monastery & the most famous place to visit in Manali is colorful Mall Road.
-Day2- For Solang Valley
-Day3- For Kullu Naggar or Manikaran

3. At which location to book Hotel in Manali?

The best preferable Hotels are at Rangri or Simsa Village, Kanyal Road (2kms from Mall road). Here you will get all category of Hotels at best rates.

4. How to reach Manali?

The best way to reach Manali is by luxury Volvo from Delhi or Chandigarh. The single side Manali Volvo Ticket cost between 1000 to 1400 (Depends on-season) or if you are a group then you can plan trip to Manali by car. The nearest airport from Manali is based in Bhuntar i.e. Kullu Manali Airport (50km from Manali). Well, no train reaches directly to Manali but it is available till the Chandigarh Junction Station.

5. How to book travel shuttle for sightseeing in Manali?

If you are a family then you must book taxi in advance for sightseeing.

-If you are a group of friends or couple then you can plan out renting a bike in Manali. The starting cost ranges from INR 800 which varies on the basis of model. Keep in mind that you need to make some amount as security deposit & Id proof documents are required like passport & aadhar card.