All you should know for a trip to Maldives

30 tips which could help you for a trip to Maldives

Maldives, what a great, fascinating and loving place

Once you visit there, I am sure you will agree with me. It is the most luxurious destination in the world.

This place is overwhelmed by the crystal clear water, mind-arresting coral reefs and its marine life.

Travelling to Maldives can be awesome, all you need to make sure planning the trip by knowing everything, otherwise just one ignorance could make you pay more.

I know so many times you had searched on various platforms about Maldives but couldn’t cover your mind around it. The reason being, nothing was under one roof.

But don’t worry, here we have sum up all possible queries for the land of Maldives just under one roof! So, stay keen to know about this paradise because we are going to cover all of them.

    30 tips which could help you for a trip to Maldives

  • How to travel up to the paradise, Maldives

  • Top 5 Islands which you cannot miss!

  • Dive into the culture and geography of the place to know more.

  • Unsaid rules of the native land

  • Luxurious villas for your desired budget!

  • Love drone shoots? All about it

  • Which weather would be the perfect one for you?

  • Top 5 water sports you just cannot miss in Maldives!

  • When can you experience surfing at its peak?

  • What language shall you converse in?

  • What currency to carry for your trip?

  • Cuisines you cannot miss!

  • Rules for delighting trip with Alcohol

  • What to pack for trip to Maldives?

  • Is Maldives safe for tourists?

  • What are the medications and vaccinations you need?

  • All you need to know about SIM cards

  • Watch out for the taxes!

  • Answers to your Visa queries

  • Align your watch with the Island time

  • Do not set any major plans on Friday. Why?

  • About the Sea of Stars: Bioluminescent beaches in Maldives

  • Love snorkelling? Keep these in check!

  • The best of the alluring coral reefs which you cannot miss!

  • All you need to know about your bikini beaches

  • Travelling on a budget? Excursion packs to visit Maldives in budget!

  • Know your local transports well!

  • What to find in the capital? Glimpse over Male Local

  • What nightlife can you find in Maldives?

  • Souvenirs: what to take back other than memories!

all you should know for a trip to maldives

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Let’s jump into each one of these in detail.

1. How to travel up to the paradise, Maldives?

This naturally becomes the first question that how can you reach the land of divine peace? Well, Maldives is having 4 international airports and 14 small domestic airports. So, all you need to do is book your flight and reach Maldives. After reaching here, if you directly wish to go to your island, there are speedboats, sea planes and ferry rides available.

view of Maldives ocean from airplane

Picture Credit

2. Top 5 Island picks for your trip to Maldives!

The list of endless islands can be extremely overwhelming and confusing! Cannot figure out which one would be your perfect match? Here are the top 5 island pick which you just can’t miss to look upon while planning your dream trip to Maldives!

  • The Male Island: : Surrounded by pure waters, culture and essence of authentic heritage, the capital island is the nearest to Velana international airport! Staying out here, you can easily make your dream trip under your budget while making sure that you don’t miss out the best such as water sports, beaches and a lot more!

    beautiful male island maldives from top of sky
  • Biyadhoo Island: want to satisfy your water baby cravings? This one is the ultimate pick for you! Enriched with some of the most thrilling and exquisite water sports, Biyadhoo Island can make you fall in love with water over and over again! You can easily reach here by a speedboat ride from the male airport.

  • Maafushi Island: Also known as the survivor island, this island can enrich you with the essence of Maldives. Survived from the torments of tsunami 2004, Maafushi Island has some of the most beautiful holdings of Maldivian culture and heritage! Situated 27km away from Male, boat facilities can drive you here easily!

  • Kuredu Island: well if you visit Maldives and didn’t happen to dine underwater, then you have missed a huge chunk of the mystical experience! Kuredu Island is extremely famous for its stunning beauty but underwater dining is something not to be missed at all especially for honeymooners! Seaplanes or boats can easily help you to reach here.

  • Vaadhoo Island: placing at last doesn’t mean it’s least important, but the most important experience that you just cannot miss in Maldives! Yes, you guessed right! The sea of stars! The bioluminescent at the Vaadhoo island is an enchanting beauty of the night sea which is an absolute compulsion for tourists visiting to Maldives!

    sea of stars with sparkling waters

    Picture Credit

3. The Culture and Geography of your dreamland- Know Maldives more!

The delightful land of approximately 1200 beautiful Islands, Maldives can never seem to disappoint you even for a second. The country was converted into a fully Muslim country in the year 1153 AD and since then it has been until now.

Their cultures and traditions are still well imbibed amongst the locals despite so many tourists visiting every year. Well, maybe that is why even you should be careful of the unsaid rules of the locals in Maldives.

Maldives is having four types of Islands. Almost around 200 of them are inhabited. Some of the Islands are strictly for the locals so that their culture and privacy concerns remain intact.

Places like Male and many other Islands are open for both tourists and the locals, provided the tourists follow and respect their conservative culture. The fourth type is the resort Islands which are exclusively for the tourists. No locals are allowed in such places giving the tourists their own free space and privacy.

4. Unsaid rules of the native land:

Each country has its own basic rules which the tourists need to abide by to ensure not falling in trouble. Here is a list of rules you must keep in mind while travelling to Maldives:

  • Decent clothing: As being an Islamic country, revealing or exposing clothes especially for women which shows their knees, shoulders, etc are not allowed in the local islands. Bikini is also prohibited in local areas expect for bikini beaches or in the resorts/villas.

  • Drugs are crime: : Maldives has strict anti-drug laws, violating which may even cost you life imprisonment. Do keep this in mind while packing for your trip to Maldives.

  • Respecting culture: The residents of Maldives are extremely concerned about their culture and religion. Any sort of religious practice other than Islam in which you are involving the natives might question your intentions. Any such activities which hurt their sentiments especially in the holy month of Ramadan. Be extra careful if you are visiting during that month, which otherwise isn’t the best month for travelling to Maldives.

  • Pigs are prohibited: Make sure to absolutely not carry any material related to pork or carry any live pigs as it is prohibited in this Islamic country.

  • Nudism, Public affection and LGBTQ is prohibited: Acts like nudism, public display of romantic affection, or any same gender or LGBTQ community relation is strictly prohibited in the local spots.

  • Turtle shells and corals: Trading of turtle shells and black corals are strictly prohibited in Maldives as they are endangered species there. Do not touch the corals while snorkelling.

  • Dogs: Do not carry your dogs everywhere as they are not allowed. Talk to the Maldives local agency and your resort if they are allowing and where they can be taken.

  • Religious Materials: Do not get any ample amount of holy scriptures of anything religious which may hurt the locals religious sentiments and may find your intentions wrong.

  • The month of Ramadan: Do not consume food or smoke in Male during the holy month of Ramadan.

  • Pornography: Carrying sexual videos, software, toys, etc are prohibited in Maldives.

5. Where to find luxurious stays with your budget in Maldives!

Seeing all the exquisite stays amidst the crystal blue, it’s okay to be taken aback! Wondering where to find your favourite resort room/ villa under your budget? We have covered it for you! Below we have three categories of villas that would cater to your budget needs efficiently.
Each resort rooms or villas generally have maximum occupancy as 2 adults and 2 children. Some specialities may vary from resort to resort. But before you choose, make sure you have checked that your nationality is allowed out there!

The budget-friendly luxuries:

These are generally for the travellers who want to enjoy Maldives in budget! Here are two options:

  • Fun Island Resort: This resort is by far the best one for travellers on a budget in Maldives. The starting rates for this resort are $440 for 3 nights! There are two room categories also available-

    • Beachfront
    • Deluxe Beach Bungalow

    best budgeted beach room in maldives

    Facilities like speedboat transfers are also available from the resort.

  • Paradise Island Resort: Well if you have somewhat around $500 to spend, then this budget resort is the perfect fit for you! The starting rates for this place are under $500 for three nights with not two but eight room categories from which you can choose-

    • Garden Villa
    • Superior Beach Bungalow
    • Sunset Beach Villa
    • Beach pool Villa

      beach pool villa room
    • Water Villa
    • Jacuzzi Water Villa

      jacuzzi haven villa room for 4adults
    • Lagoon Suite
    • Ocean Suite

      ocean suite combined two bedroom
    In case you are wondering how to reach there, speedboat transfers are also available from the resort.

The premium stays:

Visiting Maldives is just like a once in a lifetime experience. So, if you would wish to spend a bit more to get that premium treatment and enjoy the beauty of maldives at an alluring level, then you should look at this range!

  • Sun Island Resort: If you are travelling with your loved one and want to spend the best honeymoon ever? You are looking just at the right place! This resort provides luxuries much more than it costs and probably the best deal at this range. The starting price for the rooms is $574 and this resort has the following six categories of rooms:

    • Sun Villa
    • Standard Beach Bungalow
    • Superior Beach Bungalow
    • Sunset Beach Villa
    • Beach Pool Villa

      pool villa room infront of beach

      Picture Credit

    • Water Bungalow
    Speed boat transfers are also available from the resort so be worry-free regarding your travel arrangements!

  • Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi: The premium stays just got better in this resort. With some of the premium quality services, rooms and views, stay in Maldives just got its experience updated in this place! The starting price for the rooms out here is $600 for three nights and you have one special category to stay with your family too under one roof! This place has 6 categories of rooms to choose from-

    beautiful adaaran select hudhuranfushi island from sky
    • Garden Villa

      garden villa room in maldives
    • Beach Villa
    • Deluxe Beach Villa
    • Family beach villa (4 adult occupancy)
    • Sunrise ocean Villa
    • Sunset ocean Villa
    Speed boat transfers are available from this place so that you can travel hassle-free.

Luxury resort stays:

Lavishing around the spectacular views of Maldives can never be too much! So, if you want to spend a fortune to give this experience hands down the best one in your life, we have some stunning options from you to choose from!

  • Adaaran Prestige Vadoo: Whether you are here to celebrate the world’s best honeymoon with your loved one and get the ultimate epic romance vibe, or you are with your friends or family celebrating your heart out, we have all options for you in this resort! The starting price for the rooms in this place is $800 for three nights and the following three categories are available-

    • Sunrise Villa
    • Sunset Villa
    • Honeymoon Villa

      honeymoon villa room with plunge pool
    Speedboat transfers are available in abundance so you don’t need to worry about your travel transfers!

  • Hurawalhi Resort: allured with exquisite luxuries, this resort has some of the most stunning captures in terms of rooms, services, views and the overall luxury imbibed. The starting cost the rooms are $907 while the resort provides with 5 room categories-

    view of hurawalhi resort island

    Picture Credit

    • Beach Pool Villa
    • Beach Sunset Pool Villa
    • beach sunset pool villa room

    • Ocean Villa
    • Romantic Ocean Villa

      water villa room for couples
    • Ocean Pool Villa
    In addition to the luxuries, the resort provides you with the comfort of transfers via seaplanes so that you can enjoy the epitome of comfort in the islands of Maldives.

    Also, at the Hurawalhi resort you can make yourself comfortable with the luxury dining experience of underwater restaurant. This is really too awesome!

    underwater restaurant in maldives

6. Drone Photography- Where can you do this in Maldives?

We get it, drone shoots of this alluring land place is probably one of the top wishes from your dream bucket list. But here are few things you need to keep in mind while drone shooting in Maldives.

taking drone shots in maldives
  • All resorts don’t provide with the permits to drone shoot their island for security reasons. Hence, if you are planning to do so, make sure to ask the hoteliers before booking your stay.
  • Drone photography/shooting is allowed only in a small part of Maldives so make sure you don’t violate the privacy concerns of the government.
  • You need to seek permission from the authorities before doing so.
  • Shooting places like the military, airports, or locals in general is strictly prohibited in Maldives. Doing so, you may arise huge concerns.
  • There is a height limit up to which you can shoot. Generally, it is 400m but confirming it with your island hoteliers is much better option.

7. The weather of the tropics- When to visit Maldives?

The answer to this question is the whole year. There isn’t any untimely time to visit Maldives. However, there are wet and dry seasons depending upon which you can opt for your perfect pick!

Maldives faces its dry season from October to April. This season is considered to be the best and the peak season and hence the rates go sky high for your trip to Maldives.

From April to September it is the wet season where the tropics are blessed with the monsoon. However, rain comes and goes frequently in Maldives so if you want to enjoy like a water baby or save more in general, this is the best time to visit Maldives!

8. Top 5 water sports to enrich your Maldivian Essence!

Engulfed with the surreal blue view, choosing a few water sports amongst the endless list can be overwhelming! It’s okay, we’ve got you! Here are the top 5 water experience which you just cannot miss out in Maldives!

  • Snorkelling: Well this needs no introduction! Enjoy the magnificent coral life even if you are scared to dive underwater. This experience is such that if you had to pick one amongst all, this should be it! It’s a very famous and available abundance all over Maldives. If you want to dive in more, Scuba diving is already there, so I am not adding that you know right?

    traveller is snorkelling in ocean
  • Kayaking: If you just want to sail over the clear blue water in taking the essence of the coral blues in Maldives, kayaking you shouldn’t miss! Catch a sneak peek of what is swimming underneath you and get the view of the world from a different angle.

    famous water activity in maldives

    Picture Credit

  • Jet-skiing: Gift your adrenaline rushes a perfect retreat with this thrill over the ocean. Well, this sport might be hard to find due to the noise concerns, but it is definitely worth it as some resorts do let the travellers rent one!
  • Underwater walking: How enchanting, mystical did that sound? Yes, in your dream destination, Maldives, underwater walking is possible and is becoming famous day by day! So, grab this thrilling lifetime opportunity to see experience in the marine world like you live there!
  • Kitesurfing: In love with the ocean waves and want to experience as you own it? Well, kitesurfing it is! Attaching you to a board with a huge kite that flows and swirls around the ocean waves is something that encaptivates your thrill! Show your balance game and you can ace the waves!

    excursion in maldives

The list of water sports is endless. Sports like windsurfing, glass-bottom boat, catamaran sailing are also some of which you can try out if you have time to fall in love with Maldives all over again!

9. The season for your surfing goals are different:

Being surrounded by the Indian ocean, it won’t come as a shocker if you plan to enhance and enjoy your surfing skills in the beaches of Maldives. However, do keep in mind that the surfing season is different from the travelling season.

The peak monsoon season is in June so travel only when you claim yourself to be an expert with the waves! But if you want to explore with your beginner and your intermediate skills, travelling during the shoulder season i.e. April, May, September and October would be recommended for a perfect travel escape in the fun waves!

Check regular updates with Maldives Tourism

10. What Language should you prefer with the locals?

While Travelling Maldives, it is important to keep a note about the language that most local speak to ease the communication process. The national language of Maldives is Dhivehi but the good part is most of the natives can easily communicate in English as that’s the mode of communication in their schools. So, you can easily communicate with the locals in English. However, it is advised to learn some native phrases as it helps to blend well and it never harms to learn something new!

11. What currency shall you carry to Maldives and where to find it?

The currency used in Maldives is Rufiyaa (MVR). However, $US Dollars are accepted pretty much everywhere around Maldives from the tourists. So, make sure you have enough dollar cash in handy to ensure a hassle-free holiday trip to Maldives.

ATMs may be found in some parts of Male but they are not something to be relied upon in the resort Islands. It is best suggested if you change your currency at the airport as some resorts may or may not accept cards, may have some additional 5% fee and so on.

12. Maldivian Cuisines you can’t miss out on the trip!

Encaptivated by the vast blue waters, Maldives has most of its food source from the live fish. They inculcate that in almost each of their dishes. Another primary food is from the swinging calm trees, coconut. Highly influenced by the Indian and the Sri Lankan platter, Maldivian local food is infused with spices, chillies and curry leaves. Here are primarily four types of food you will find in the Maldivian Platter along with the local dishes, you can’t miss-

  • The seafood: You cannot really get away from Maldives without really trying your hands on the extremely fresh luscious seafood! Grab yourself some seasoned live lobster as they taste the best when cooked live! Or maybe try your hands-on Grilled prawn, Tuna, the list goes endless.
  • Curries:The rich creamy Maldivian curries which burst in flavours are something that you can’t miss on! Made with rich tender coconut, these recipes have seafood or fish as their main ingredient and is served with rice, Papadhu or Roshi.
  • Desserts:Maldives has a good variety of local sweet dishes to provide to end your meal. The most common ones are custard or Bodibaiy. You can always indulge in the fruits of the tropics for natural sweets.

    famous sweetdishes of maldives
  • The local street food: The live fishes are an integral part of the local street food in Male. Here is a list of few of the most popular dishes from the streets which you just can’t miss-
    Mas Huni- Smoked Tuna served with grated coconut and other flavours.
    Masrohi- Stuffed chapatti with coconut and smoked Tuna.
    BisKeemiya- Snack similar to samosa and spring roll.
    AluBoakibaa- Sweet coconut and cassava cake.
    Garudhiya- Fragrant fish soup.
    BoshiMashuni- Shredded banana flower dish.

These dishes can be easily found in the local streets of Male so make sure to stop by and grab these authenticities.

Do you really know about the floating breakfast in Maldives ?

morning breakfast in maldives

13. Love to get drunk? See if it is allowed

Maldives is fully an Islamic country so, quite naturally, alcohol is not allowed in the local areas. Local beaches, public places, or even local guest house for that case. However, don’t get disheartened, you resort might be providing! Check the fact before booking your dream Island stays in Maldives. However, if you are not going for an all-inclusive pack in your resort, alcohol might cost you a bit more bugs than expected, so plan wisely for your booze!

14. What are the packing essentials for your trip to Maldives?

Travelling into the land of tropical islands, you mustn’t miss out on the essentials. Of course, we are not going to tell you to either get a swimsuit or bikini, that’s your choice! But here is a list which you can’t leave home-

  • Sunscreens: Can’t be stressed enough how important this is. Since most of the time you will be exposed to sun rays either on the beach or the private island, this you just can’t leave home.
  • Sunglasses and hats: Again, for the same protection reason, you can’t miss these as well to make the most of the tropics!
  • Waterproof dry bags: As most of the time you will be near the water, on the beach, or go under it, it’s important to have a waterproof dry bag to protect your phones and other essentials outside.
  • Wet bags: This is required to carry down your wet clothes and sandals. Unless you are okay with carrying them bare hands!
  • Sandals/ flip-flops: As the maximum amount of time you will be spending as a beach baby, sandals or flip-flops are footwears to swear by. They can grant you a comfy walk through the beach line and can be easily carried while you walk barefoot.
  • Adapter: Unless you are from United Kingdom, adapters would be required for your charger. So, make sure you don’t leave them home!
  • Underwater Camera: Though the resort facilities might be providing you with underwater shots, but that might cost you extra bugs a lot. So, if you are a vlogger, blogger or photographer or just keen towards these, it’s better to invest upon an underwater camera!
  • Snorkelling Gear: Again, these sold in the locals would cost huge. So, make sure to make some space into your luggage and get them beforehand to save some more!

15. How safe are you in Maldives? Crime rates

The resort Islands for the tourists are considered to have low crime rates in Maldives. So yes, you can travel worrying less about how safe it is to visit your dream destination Maldives. The local areas might be prone to some petty thefts. But again, don’t leave your valuables, cash, etc unattended in beaches or open in your rooms. It is safe to store them in the locker provided in your room to avoid these petty thefts which otherwise, may become extremely costly for you.

16. Medication and Vaccination- Safety kit for travelling Maldives

There is no sort of special vaccination required to travel Maldives. One can easily roam around this mystical land without any hassle. Make a note that the drinking water in Maldives is processed and not authentically drinking water. So, you might have some dehydration issues due to that, or the seawater, or maybe for the temperature in general.
Make sure to pack some energy drink refills in your safety kit so that you don’t drain out from your fun! Other than that, basic essential medications that you need specifically like for your migraines, BP, etc, don’t forget to stock on those as there may not be many healthcare options in the remote Islands. The normal first-aids are pretty much available in your resort house so make sure you make a note for the same.

17. SIM Cards- Do you need them, why and which one?

If you are one of them who is going for that recreational unwinding vacation in Maldives, then the resort wi-fi should be enough for your bare necessities. But if you are staying in the local lands, planning to explore, stay for quite several days, the slow wi-fi may not do the job. In fact, in the local stays, they may not have one!

So, it is better to get a local Maldivian SIM (they are cheaper) and not international ones, which are easily available outside the Male airport. They are getting activated within 5 minutes. The best SIM option would be Dhiraagu and Ooredoo, provided you make sure to buy one from the verified source which is not tough to locate outside the airport. The prices for the plans vary from the number of days and whether you want just the data or even call plans. But the initial one will do the job for both.

18. Keep an eye upon the taxes while visiting Maldives

Each country has its taxation system and so do Maldives. There are certain green taxes that the tourists have to pay. Other than that, there is up to 10% of the service cost and 8% of service tax added to the restaurants and other local areas which is rapidly increasing.
So, make sure to keep an eye on that. Other than that, extra services at your resorts, spas, etc may increase your expenditure to a huge extent so keep a regular check-in order to avoid a shocker at the end.
(Always check with your travel partner whether it is already included or not)

19. Visa for travelling Maldives

Maldives provides 30days tourist visa to its tourists or business travellers. So, you can easily plan your holiday trip to Maldives without getting worried about the visa! All you need to show them is some legal documentation including your hotel bookings, departure flight bookings, passport, legal id proofs etc.

20. Is your watch aligned with the Island time?

Your resort time on the Island may not be the same as with Male. The Islands may have their own Island time which is 1-2hrs ahead of Male depending upon its location. Make sure to keep that in check while you plan your day. This is done in order to ensure the maximum amount of sunlight views received. So, align your watches as soon as you step into your resort to never run late in your dream trip to Maldives!

21. Planning to visit on Friday? That’s a weekend

If you are planning to reach Male on Friday to have a perfect weekend in your dream Island, visit the locals or have any plans for island hopping on a particular Friday, it’s advised that you don’t, because in Maldives, weekends are on Friday and Saturday and their new week starts from Sunday.

On Fridays, there will minimal amount of Ferry rides or any transport medium which might lead you to spend much more to either wait two nights in Male or pay much more to get yourself a speedboat ride to your Island which could have been lesser otherwise.

22. Bioluminescence in Maldives: A starry night you cannot miss!

A starry night amidst the Sea of Stars is a dream sight for almost everyone around the world. This dreamy bioluminescence views can be seen only in some beaches of the world and Maldives is blessed with one of those. The Vaadhoo Island (also known as Mudhdhoo Island) is world-famous for its mystical bioluminescent beaches making it a must-visit spot while travelling to Maldives.

Located just 8km away from the Capital Male, Vaadhoo Island can be easily reached by a speedboat ride for 15mins after you land at Male. Spending one night viewing the seashore glow up with those millions of tiny blue lights can be an enthralling experience and a night to remember for a lifetime! The reason for this glow is due to the phytoplankton present in the waters who emit that glow.

Located just 8km away from the Capital Male, Vaadhoo Island can be easily reached by a speedboat ride for 15mins after you land at Male airport. Spending one night viewing the seashore glow up with those millions of tiny blue lights can be an enthralling experience and a night to remember for a lifetime! The reason for this glow is due to the phytoplankton present in the waters who emit that glow.

As the Vaadhoo Island is located in Raa Atoll, there are a lot of luxurious resorts and hotel options available in order to ease up your night stay in this mystical Island. It is best if you can plan your visit to this Island during the new moon time to experience this mystical beauty at its peak due to temperature constants and overall view of the Sea of Stars!

23. Snorkelling? Make sure you know these!

Marine life has been mysteriously beautiful for all the wanderlusts! (unless you are hydrophobic) If you are also one of those who awe seeing those other-worldly beauties, then snorkelling must be in your bucket list while you plan your dream trip to Maldives. Well, here are a few things you must keep in mind before snorkelling:

  • Snorkelling vests: If you want to enjoy the mystical view along with your children, its highly required that you keep them on a double check, stay close to them and make sure they wear snorkelling vests for that extra protection.
  • Sunscreens are must: It goes without saying, unless you want sunburns and UV ray infections, makes sure you have applied sunscreens of at least SPF 30 generously especially on your back.
  • White tees: It is best if you can wear fitted white tees to avoid any sort of sun rays to penetrate. Make sure they are comfortable enough to swim.
  • Snorkelling skills: If you are snorkelling in an island that has reefs close by, it’s advised that you get your snorkelling skills verified. Strong currents occasionally do visit there so better be on the safe side.
  • Fins and masks: If you want to save some extra then make sure to figure out whether your resort provides the fins and snorkelling masks for free or at a decent amount. At many places, this equipment might burn a hole in your pocket so you might want to make some space in your travel bags to carry them with you.

24. Visit the magnificent Coral Reefs? Check for your dream pick:

Excursion trips to various islands to snorkel can be fun unless you want to enjoy the coral essence by staying near it. If that’s what you are looking for then read ahead!
There are three types of Island resorts which can keep you in touch with the corals literally:

colorful coral reefs in ocean

Picture Credit

  • The blue Lagoon: If you want to be surrounded by the endless gigantic blue lagoon water and take a sail into the marine life of Maldives, this one is the perfect pick for you!
  • In-House Coral Reefs: These Islands have their own in-house coral reefs where you can spend hours experiencing best snorkelling without having to travel, as they are at your fingertips!
  • Lagoons and Reefs: The best of all is the fusion of both. Good snorkelling and sails engulfed by the Blue lagoon. If you don’t want to miss out on any, resorts in this category are made for you!
    Some of the most renowned resorts from all the three types would be:
    • AngsanaIhuru- located in the North Male Atoll
    • Filitheyo Island Resort- located in Faafu Atoll
    • Bandos Island Resort & Spa- located in North Male Atoll
    • COMO Cocoa Island- located in South Male Atoll
    • Robinson Club, Maldives- Located in GaafuDhaalu Atoll
    • W Maldives- Located in North Ari Atoll
    • SonevaFushi- Located in BAA Atoll
    • Baros Maldives- located in North Male Atoll

25. Where can you flaunt your favorite bikini? Bikini beaches in Maldives

Surrounded by the conservative locals, finding a place to flaunt your bikini might be difficult unless you have access to private Island resorts or villas. But here is a list of few bikini beaches in Maldives where you can easily fulfil your bikini goals!

  • Maafushi Bikini Beach: This beach is located at the Kaafu Atoll and can be reached by a speedboat or a ferry ride whichever is fitting in your budget. This beach is a non-local Maldivian zone leading to space only for tourists. However, locals may use the route if it’s their choice, but generally, they don’t.
  • Rasdhoo Bikini Beach: Located in the Rasdhoo Island, North Ari Atoll, this bikini beach is one of the largest in the world of its kind. This place is not only an alluring bikini beach but the white sand line spread across makes this place breath-stealing and drop-down beautiful! The Ari Atoll is close to the airport, making it more easily accessible.
  • Picnic Island Beach: Though this beach is for the resort tourists of the island, you can easily access this with a minimum entry fee to be paid even if you don’t stay in the resort. This one is located in North Male Atoll.

Few other bikini beaches would be Dhigurah Beach- South Ari Atoll, Bikini beach at Gaafaru Local Island and Dhangethi Bikini Beach- Ari Atoll.

26. Maldives excursion packs- everything in a nutshell!

If you happen to stay at the locals and still want to intake in the authentic essence of Maldives Islands, water sports, etc, then an excursion pack must be the perfect match for you! These packs include some of the most alluring Island hopping, snorkelling at various spots, encaptivating few beaches, lunch or dinner at an authentic spot and so on. It’s basically a perfect nutshell to cover every flavor of Maldives. This comes with a day package and there are guides with you who take you around. The prices vary from the packs you choose, but it’s worth a try!
Well, it is also suggested that you can go for all inclusive Maldives vacation

27. How can you roam around Maldives? Local transportation

From the international airport options like taxi, buses, cars are available for you to roam around the island. Domestic flights are available where your local transports can’t reach. But below is a list of three crucial modes of transport which helps in your island hopping according to your budget-

  • Speedboats: Speedboats are used for island hopping at a convenient pace and scheduled time, they can either be booked by you or from the resort. They are slightly at a high range rate. Depending upon the distance you cover and how far is your island it can cost you up to 3500MVR or more, but worth the time.

    speedboat transfers for trip to maldives

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  • Ferry rides: If budget travelling is your option then ferry rides are your go-to partners. The fare ranges between 30-60MVR depending upon the distance. It is to be noted that ferries are public transport hence would be shared by the locals, take a lot of time to reach, can be untimely and they do not operate on Fridays. But of course, for budget trips, it’s worth spending some leisure time in the water.
  • Seaplanes: Emergency last-minute travelling or enriching your lifetime experience, sea airplanes are used for both. They can take you from the farthest islands within 90minutes. However, this speed comes with high expenses. Seaplane rides can range somewhere between 3500-7000MVR depending upon the distance.
  • seaplane transfers for trip to maldives

28. Your dream trip stays incomplete without a tour into the Capital! Male local

Don’t go up on the fact that the capital stretches only for two kilometers! This developed capital becomes the face for the trade industry in Maldives and other authenticities that you can’t miss out!
Travelling around Male won’t be difficult provided you have a map. You don’t need to spend many days to explore the whole aura of the locals, just a night would be more than enough. Hence, it is advised that you start tour from Male local city at the beginning of your Maldives trip or at the end.

Where will you buy your souvenirs from? Of course, the capital! The local streets of Male are filled with clothes, jewellery, technological items and a lot more for you to shop till the last breath! The waterfront will provide you with all the crafts and swimming/snorkelling items that you would require.

Here are few visiting sites in Male which you cannot miss out if you are a geek of history, art, culture and travel of course!

  • Grand Friday Mosque: This place is well known to be the Islamic center of Male and overall, a great architectural landmark.
  • Republic Square, Male: Another name for this is JumhooreeMaidan is one of the most popular places for informal public gatherings.
  • Male National Museum: This museum holds a lot of extravagant belongings of the Sultans such as costumes, ornaments, etc which overall will enrich your cultural experience.
  • Male Sultan Park: Allocated in front of the Republican Monument, this park helps to mark the Independent years of Maldives.
  • The Tsunami Monument: Located at the Southwest corner of Male, this stainless-steel monument acts as a beautiful representation of the number of lives lost in the year 2004.
  • The National Art Gallery Male: Located just beside the Sultan Park, in this space you will find various cultural centers, an exhibition space that displays the authentic Maldivian art and the national library of Male.

29. Love Nightlife? What does Maldives have to offer you?

If you are a person who swears by crazy nightlife, then I am sorry to inform you that Maldives isn’t the best place for it. Maldives nightlife bares minimal due to the conservative Islamic customs the locals follow. There are no bars or clubs which you can find in Male. Some pinches of resorts may have their bars but that is just a bit of hard luck to find. The nearest Island from Male where alcohol is found would be Hulhule Island.

Maldives is better known for its shisha cafes and live music. It has a good number of options where locals perform live and you can have a romantic night, relax and enjoy the aura. Here is a list of few of the best places which hold Maldivian nightlife in case if you want to hop by-

  • Finolhu: located in Glitzy Finolhu
  • Chaps Bar Set: located in Hulhule Island Hotel
  • Viu Bar Set: located at CentaraRasFushi Hotel
  • The Floating Bar and Safari: a small boat parked about 500m from the seashore in the Maafushi Lagoon Male.
  • Nautilus Bar: located at Vilu Reef Resort
  • Sip Bar: located at W Maldives

30. Souvenirs: What can be exported?

A Perfect trip to Maldives remains incomplete without bringing back some souvenirs home. With the wide marine and coral life, it has to offer, it might be tempting enough to sneak a few shells back home. But don’t, it is absolutely illegal! Other items like products made of turtle shells or even ivory may seem beautiful, but exporting them is illegal. It’s best to say not to carry any animal-based product back home as exporting some may be illegal here, whereas on your way back to your country, it might be illegal there as well.

Enthralled by some of the most surreal views, travelling to the paradise, Maldives can be breath-taking for you every moment. Make sure to follow the guide and imbibe in the best of the tropics so that this experience becomes an enchanting memory for the lifetime!

Enthralled by some of the most surreal views, travelling to the paradise, Maldives can be breath-taking for you every moment. Make sure to follow the guide and imbibe in the best of the tropics so that this experience becomes an enchanting memory for the lifetime!

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