Best Time to Visit Maldives

What is The Best Time to Visit Maldives? Let’s Explore Month by Month

Best Time to Visit Maldives

Maldives islands are the perfect destination for everyone. Why? Because Maldives is a delightful land with beautiful sea and beaches, and it’s climate is very pleasant all the year round. So all time suites as the best time to visit Maldives. But to get a better idea, we will analyze the weather and its prices throughout the year so that you can decide when to visit. Just keep in mind that being a practically "Caribbean" island due to its annual temperatures, the rains can be a bit surprising.

Start your 2021 by planning a beautiful break. Therefore, in this post, we offer you the best information so that you know better about the best season to visit Maldives.

know the best time to visit maldives on basis of each month

What Is The Best Time to Visit Maldives? Let’s Explore Month by Month

Let’s see what are the best months of the year to spend some days in Maldives Island.

1. High Season in Maldives

  • October- Festival holidays

    Beginning of the high season, October marks the end of the monsoon, but don't rule out that storms still occur with somewhat unpredictable weather. They are excellent dates for surfing throughout the country and accommodation prices remain low which is the best time to go to the Maldives.

    In India, it’s festive time in this month like Dusshera and Diwali so people plan their trips for taking advantage of festival holidays and as already said, this month is preffered for more luxurious gateways.

    Days to consider: Maldives National Day

    This celebration happens to remember when the Maldives Islands was free from Portugal in 1578 so of course, you will see celebrations at Male island.

  • November- Wedding Season starts

    High season begins from here only due to wedding season from November to March in India. People start planning their honeymoon and as Maldives is hence loving and romantic destination so it’s the best choice for newly married couples. And November is the season for weather change in the Island, so prices begin to rise in the resorts. Even though it’s still a rainy month and arrival of dry monsoon season.

  • December – Holidays Season

    Many tourists decide to celebrate Christmas in different places and this magical island is undoubtedly one of the most chosen for that occasion because it is considered as the best time to go to the Maldives. That’s why during this month, despite the fact that prices go up to clouds, tourists want to spend a few days here since the weather is also great although due to the heat, some rain may appear but it doesn’t last long.

    The island dresses up during December and you will find many activities that you can do without forgetting the Gala Dinners that the island offers during Christmas and New Year where you will enjoy a lot. If you decide to spend Christmas here, you will need to reserve a room well in advance for great discounts in Maldives.

  • January – Celebrate New Year

    This month is also considered high season due to its good climatic condition and because a New Year begins and many tourists are on vacation and of course, the island takes advantage of it to keep its prices quite high.

    Due to the number of people that come during this month, some resorts ask their guests to consider staying no more than 5 or 7 days, and well ... they need more place, right? If your budget is a bit tight, it is best to avoid visiting this month, however, the experience of welcoming the New Year on the beach is unique.

  • February – It is the Best Moment

    This month is the also best time to visit Maldives because the sunny days are still present and some are crying out for a vacation, at least a weekend to enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Island. Therefore, this month is ideal for snorkeling and diving lovers.

    On the other hand, if you thought that the island would be quite unoccupied then, it’s not like that. As already mentioned these months are peak time for weddings so couples plan to visit for their honeymoon.

  • March- Holi & Easter

    Here we are at the end of the high season but that does not mean fewer tourists. The rooms of the Islands are still quite occupied by those who visit on vacation or to celebrate their honeymoon. That also means that prices are still high. Besides, with the arrival of Easter, there are about 3 or 4 perfect days of holidays where the weather remains stable.

    And especially in India, Holi Festival is also considered for trip and there is no burden of children’s exams to plan the trip to Maldives.

2. Low Season in Maldives

  • April – The Rainy Season Started

    Although this month begins as the low season, tourists still decide to stay on the island or even a new group of tourists enter. Still, prices are starting to drop as the weather starts to change. The first rains are coming, however, it is still the best time to visit the Maldives.

  • May – Wet Monsoon

    During this month, the climate change occurs as it goes from being a dry to a humid monsoon. Due to this reason, the rains are surprising and climate changes are beginning to show more often. Apart from the rains, the winds also appear and this causes a change in the sea so tourists usually avoid it.

    However, it is the best time to go to the Maldives for surfers visiting the north and south atolls of the capital city. It is a time when surfers fill the resorts to practice this water sport even though prices have already dropped. And yes, prices drop because the beaches are not as crowded anymore but this change brings nature lovers as well because they can dive with whale sharks.

    Although it’s a Summer Vacation month in many places so people prefer this time also for their travelling.

    Days to consider: Ramadan Celebration in the Island

    This month is very important for the Islamic religion as they begin their 28 days of fasting. This holiday will begin on April 12, 2021, and you should bear in mind that some schedules may change. That is, certain places such as restaurants may open or close earlier.

    Tourist activities on the Island will not change due to this celebration, so you can plan your trip during this month if you wish.

  • June – Enjoy the Rain

    Although the rains are still present during this season, the warm temperature is maintained and allows the activities in the sea to still be the chosen ones. For example, those who choose to surf stay. Besides, it should be noted that the prices are very low in all the tourist complexes if we compare them with the prices of the previous months. Another activity that is maintained is diving or snorkeling, in this case, to see the manta rays. All resorts offer these activities so you can check where you choose to stay as you will also save money.

    Day to watch out for: Kuda Eid in the Island

    They are facing the end of Ramadan and family holidays appear. The date is based on the new moon and is expected to be May 12, 2021.

  • Weather in July in the Island

    The surf season begins at Gnaviyani Atoll-, and there is an increase in visitors that coincides with the European summer holidays. The weather is still warm, but it is not the best month for the Island when it comes to the weather, because they are Asian monsoon start dates, so storms can be frequent. Of course, the resorts on the Island do very good deals, an excellent opportunity, and considered as the best time to visit Maldives for those who don’t mind the monsoon.

    Days to consider: Independence Day

    Independence Day celebrates on July 26 and 27. In the capital, you can see the celebrations with parades of floats and dances during those days. A great moment to visit and knowing about the Maldives traditions.

  • Weather in August in the Island

    August still is the rainy season on the Island. Despite this, August on the island is a busy month due to school holidays in many places and because the rains are not so bad!

    The surf season ends at Gnaviyani Atoll but starts at Gaafu Dhaal and Addu Atoll, so many surfers visit these destinations this month. As you can see, not even the monsoon stops those who love these beautiful islands.

  • September- Rainy Season

    September is the rainiest season in Maldives, and this is the reason of less tourist activity in this month. Those who opt for this month can have the trip to Maldives in very lower prices. And this month is end of low season.

    The surf season ends at Gnaviyani Atoll but starts at Gaafu Dhaal and Addu Atoll, so many surfers visit these destinations this month. As you can see, not even the monsoon stops those who love these beautiful islands.


As can be seen from the month by month analysis, it is not easy to decide which is the best month for the Island or which is the best time for the Island. It depends on the budget and of course in the end, the weather depends on luck. With a good budget, the best time to visit the Maldives are from October to March.

Tip: many travelers worry a few days before the trip about the weather forecast that they can see on the internet. They are not usually very exact and sometimes for a two hour storm they indicate all day storms. Better not to trust too much of the predictions in a place like the Island.

What is certain is that a trip to the Maldives Islands is an unforgettable experience.