How to travel during COVID-19 pandemic

How to travel during COVID-19 Pandemic ?

Travelling is addiction of everyone’s life. People are always keen to find some marvelous leisures to travel. But this COVID-19 outbreak has changed everything, even Schools, Offices, Colleges are also affected.

Stay Home Stay Safe is the major step to be followed by people. But for how much time people will stop themselves from travelling? As already many people lost their jobs due to Covid & need to travel back home due to family care. Yes, travelling will higher the risk of getting and spreading of coronavirus.

How to travel during covid-19 pandemic

But, if you will take safety measures, follow WHO Guidelines then you can travel safely & securely during covid-19 pandemic.

Here are some precautions for safe travel:

  • Check your health conditions first, and only travel if you are well and if there is no coronavirus case near you within 14 days.

  • Maintain social distancing of atleast 2 meters(6 feet) which will really lower the risk.

  • Avoid visiting crowded places.

  • Wear cotton fabric mask all the time. Just one ignorance could cost you much higher.

  • With the use of mask also try to use face shield while travelling to market, because these are much crowded & risky places.

  • Always carry pocket hand sanitizer.

  • Wash your hands very often, especially when before eating, after eating, after coughing or sneezing.

  • Try to wash hands with soap or handwash, but during travelling if not possible then use hand sanitizer.

  • Try to avoid touching things like handrails, elevator buttons, telephone booths, counters, stands etc,.

  • Must avoid contact with anyone who is sick. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.

  • Carry napkins and handkerchief with yourself. Don’t use anyone else and don’t give yours to anyone.

  • After reaching home try to get quarantine for some days if possible.

Precautions when using transportation during COVID-19:

Check with the local authorities regarding the latest information on changes in travelling services and procedures. In travelling with any transport can increase the risk of covid-19 but by taking safety measures only you can save yourself and your family.

  • Air travel: Maintain social distancing while security clearance. Avoid touching surfaces like counters, railings, elevators. Especially take care of your children. Use virtual payment method. Don’t exchange cash or cards by giving in hand, place them in a receipt tray or on the counter. Practice hand hygiene and wear cloth mask.

  • Car travel: If you are travelling by car, then you have more control over the environment. You can do things in a best and more safe ways. Avoid making more stops as much possible. Carry your water and food from home itself. Avoid taking breaks the mid-way restaurants. If you are taking meal from outside then opt for drive-thru or curbside pick up service.

  • Bus or train travel: Travelling by bus or train for any length of time can involve both sitting and standing. Avoid close contact with anyone. Try to maintain 6 feet distance and wear mask. Avoid touching handles, if necessary then use disinfectant wipes. Sanitize your hands. If possible then try to wash your hands.

Precautions with staying at Hotel during COVID-19:

The hotel industry also be familiar with people concern about coronavirus and safety. Check any major hotel chain website to know how they are taking care of their guest and staff. Practices you can do:

  • Use options for online reservations and check-in, mobile room key, and contactless payment.

  • Proper cleaning and sanitizing of the public areas, elevators, guest rooms, as well as kitchens and laundry areas.

  • Use of mask by other guests and staffs.

  • Maintaining social distance at front desk, in lobby area and in parking areas.

  • Ask if the hotel has updated policies about cleaning and disinfecting or removing frequently touched surfaces and items like light buttons, pens, tables, phones etc,.

  • Look for any extra prevention practices being implemented by the hotel such as plexiglass barriers at check-in counters.

You can follow all these precautions mentioned above and can travel anywhere you want during this pandemic.

Before travelling any place just get all the information about that place like how many cases are there? Which is the most affected area?